This is the surprising silver lining of the pandemic. I never in a million years would have participated in something like this had there not been a pandemic causing my local choir to go virtual. I joined Eric Whitacre’s VC6 of 17,572 singers to prepare & get over the sheer terror I felt in anticipation that the choir that I was only guesting in was now switching to Zoom & virtual choir performances, requiring me to video tape myself singing alone. Soon, out of the pandemic, virtual choirs appeared everywhere on the planet & I was hooked. The virtual choir, a seemingly new “thing” Eric Whitacre had ironically already been creating for a decade, I would have previously perceived as something for performers and professionals. This is now a new, quite global world I am part of & I’ve gained skills and confidence which is truly a bit of sunshine in the dark times we are living through. Like heart shaped & happy face rocks, small wonders come when you least expect it. 

Denise Patch